03 April: Digital Skills and Inclusion in Educational Contexts

15:30-17:30 (UK); 09:30-11:30 (Texas, USA); 8:30-10:30 (S.Diego, California)

PROGRAM (link to PDF)


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“Digital competence in different scenarios”

SpeakersMontse Guitert, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC; Teresa Romeu, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC.

“Addressing the challenges of adult literacy and digital inclusion in Portugal”
Speaker:Fernando Albuquerque, I.E., Universidade de Lisboa.

Moderation: Luísa Aires, LE@D, Universidade Aberta


March 20th. : Wikipedia, a digital inclusion tool?

15:30-17:30(UK); 09:30-11:30 Texas (USA)

PROGRAM (link to PDF)

Guest Lecturerers:Teresa Cardoso, LE@D, UAb; Filomena Pestana, LE@D, UAb; Rodrigo Padulo, Universidade Federal Rio de Janeiro.
Opening Session:António Quintas, LE@D, UAb.
Rodrigo Padula


January 30th 2019, 15:30 (PT) / 09:30(Texas, USA)

“Digital Citizenship Centres and Internet Access Spaces”

The Webinar will take place at

PROGRAM (link to PDF)


15:30: Opening Session: Ricardo Palmeiro (Rede ObLID, University of Deusto, Spain).

Guest Lecturerers: Dr. João Baracho, Executive Director of CDI Portugal; Dr. Carlos Medinas, Municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz, ObLID Network.

“Digital Citizenship Centres”, Dr.João Baracho.


“Internet Access Centres, digital inclusion centres”, Dr. Carlos Medinas.


December 19th 2018, 15:30 (PT) / 16:30(SP)




The Webinar will take place at


PROGRAM (link to PDF)


15:30: Opening Session: Luísa Aires (ObLID Network, Universidade Aberta).
– Guest Lecturerers:  Fernando Bayón, University of Deusto, Spain; Diogo Queiroz de Andrade, University of Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.


“Games of truth, politics of emotion. On the in-formative power of falsehood.”, Fernando Bayón, U.D.


“Disinformation centers: the causes and consequences of lies disguised as news.”, Diogo Queiroz de Andrade, UNL


November 28 th 2018, 15:30 (UK) / 09:30 (Texas, USA)

Women and the Internet: Access to Empowerment

Guest Lecturers: Professor María Ángeles Rebollo-Catalán (Sevilla University, Spain) and Doctor Cláudia Silva (Madeira Interactive Techonologies Institute, Portugal).


15:30- Opening and ModerationProfessor Visitación Pereda (University of Deusto, Spain)

– Women’s digital inclusion in social networks.

M. Angeles Rebollo


-‘I’m the Only Donkey!’ A digital inclusion analysis of immigrant and low-income women in Austin, Texas (USA)

Cláudia Silva


October 25th

PROGRAM (link to PDF file)

The Webinar will take place at .

15h30 (UK) / 09:30 am (Texas, USA): Opening: Prof. Luísa Aires ( ObLID Network, Open University);

Moderation: Ricardo Palmeiro, PhD student, University of Deusto (Spain);

Guest Lecturerers:  Luísa Dornellas, City of Lisbon (Portugal); Helder Touças, City of Lisbon (Portugal); Felicidad Campal, Salamanca Public Library (Spain)

“Passport Digital Competences – The Programme for inclusion and digital literacy of the Lisbon City Council” – Luísa Dornelas, Helder Touças and Vanessa Veríssimo (Lisbon City Council, Portugal);

Luísa Dornellas                    Helder Touças

“Digital citizens or simply CITIZENS” – Felicidad Campal (Spain) Biblioteca Pública de Salamanca, Casa de las Conchas and Coordinator of  Grupo de Trabajo Banco de Recursos ALFIN/AMI of thel Consejo de Cooperación Bibliotecaria

Felicidad Campal

The 3rd webinar of the CO(i)NCIDIR cycle is part of the initiatives promoted by LE@D – Laboratory of Distance Education and eLearning, within the framework of the International Open Access Week.


October 3rd 2018, 15h30 (UK) / 09:30 am (Texas, USA)

“Action by the educational community to prevent cyberbullying at school”

Guest Lecturer: Master Alberto Bautista Martínez Universidade de Deusto (Spain)

Alberto Bautista

September 26th, 9:30 a.m. (Austin, Tx) / 15h30 (PT) / 16h30 (SP)

Conference: Professor Joe Straubhaar, University of Austin, Texas (USA)

Recording of the conference

Joe Straubhaar