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Digital Skills and Inclusion in Educational Contexts

Date:April 03rd

Time: 15:30-17:30 (UK); 09:30-11:30 (Texas, USA); 8:30-10:30 (S.Diego, California)

Program (PDF)

“Digital competence in different scenarios”

Speakers: Montse Guitert, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC; Teresa Romeu, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC.

Montse Guitert
Teresa Romeu

“Addressing the challenges of adult literacy and digital inclusion in Portugal”

Speaker: Fernando Albuquerque, I.E., Universidade de Lisboa.

                                     Fernando Albuquerque

Wikipedia, a digital inclusion tool?

Date: March 20th

Time: 15:30-17:30(UK); 09:30-11:30 Texas (USA)

Program (PDF)

Guest Lecturerers:Teresa Cardoso, LE@D, UAb; Filomena Pestana, LE@D, UAb; Rodrigo Padulo, Universidade Federal Rio de Janeiro.

Opening Session:António Quintas, LE@D, UAb.

                              Teresa Cardoso & Filomena Pestana
                                         Rodrigo Padula

“Digital Citizenship Centres and Internet Access Spaces”

Date: January 30th

Time:15:30 (PT) / 09:30(Texas, USA)

Program (PDF)

15:30: Opening Session: Ricardo Palmeiro (Rede ObLID, University of Deusto, Spain).

15:30: Opening Session: Ricardo Palmeiro (Rede ObLID, University of Deusto, Spain).
Guest Lecturerers: Dr. João Baracho, Executive Director of CDI Portugal; Dr. Carlos Medinas, Municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz, ObLID Network.

“Digital Citizenship Centres”

                                         Dr. João Barracho

“Internet Access Centres, digital inclusion centres”

                                       Dr. Carlos Medinas


Date: December 19 2018th

Time: 15:30 (PT) / 16:30(SP)

Program (PDF)

15:30: Opening Session: Luísa Aires (ObLID Network, Universidade Aberta).

Guest Lecturerers: Fernando Bayón, University of Deusto, Spain; Diogo Queiroz de Andrade, University of Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

“Games of truth, politics of emotion. On the in-formative power of falsehood.”,

                                    Fernando Bayón, U.D.

“Disinformation centers: the causes and consequences of lies disguised as news.”

                             Diogo Queiroz de Andrade, UNL

Women and the Internet: from Access to Empowerment

Date: November 28th 2018/p>

Time: 15:30 (UK) / 09:30 (Texas, USA)

Program (PDF)

15:30- Opening and Moderation: Professor Visitación Pereda (University of Deusto, Spain)

Guest Lecturers: Professor María Ángeles Rebollo-Catalán (Sevilla University, Spain) and Doctor Cláudia Silva (Madeira Interactive Techonologies Institute, Portugal).

Women’s digital inclusion in social networks.

                                        M. Angeles Rebollo

-‘I’m the Only Donkey!’ A digital inclusion analysis of immigrant and low-income women in Austin, Texas (USA)

                                             Cláudia Silva

“Digital citizens or simply CITIZENS”

Date: October 25 th

Time: 15h30 (UK) / 09:30 am (Texas, USA)

Program (PDF)

15h30 Opening: Prof. Luísa Aires ( ObLID Network, Open University);

Moderation: Ricardo Palmeiro, PhD student, University of Deusto (Spain);

Guest Lecturerers: Luísa Dornellas, City of Lisbon (Portugal); Helder Touças, City of Lisbon (Portugal); Felicidad Campal, Salamanca Public Library (Spain)

    Luísa Dornellas
        Helder Touças

“Digital citizens or simply CITIZENS” – Felicidad Campal (Spain) Biblioteca Pública de Salamanca, Casa de las Conchas and Coordinator of Grupo de Trabajo Banco de Recursos ALFIN/AMI of the Consejo de Cooperación Bibliotecaria.

                                         Felicidad Campal

The 3rd webinar of the CO(i)NCIDIR cycle is part of the initiatives promoted by Laboratory of Distance Education and eLearning, within the framework of the International Open Access Week.

“Action by the educational community to prevent cyberbullying at school”

Date: October 3rd 2018

Time: 15h30 (UK) / 09:30 am (Texas, USA)

Guest Lecturer: Master Alberto Bautista Martínez Universidade de Deusto (Spain)

                                         Alberto Bautista

Conference: Professor Joe Straubhaar, University of Austin, Texas (USA)

Date: Setember 26 th 2018

Time: 9:30 a.m. (Austin, Tx) / 15h30 (PT) / 16h30 (SP)

Recording of the conference

                                          Joe Straubhaar