The CO(I)NCIDIR webinar cycle’s main subject is “Building digital citizenship on the web”. This series of seminars aims to create spaces for debate and reflection on the meanings research and practices of digital citizenship. On a monthly basis, the online seminars are promoted by the ObLID. The ObLID Network ( is a Research and Intervention group for Literacy and Digital Inclusion that brings together a community of collective and individual agents, oriented towards research and intervention in the field of Citizenship and Digital Participation. Located in the LE@D-Universidade Aberta, the ObLID Network is run by researchers from the Universidade Aberta (Portugal), the Deusto University (Basque Country, Spain) and other researchers from different social and educational backgrounds.

Since Digital Literacy and Inclusion is a central dimension in the processes of participation and digital citizenship, the ObLID network, through the “CO(I)NCIDIR” cycle, invites all interested parties – researchers, students, professionals and citizens in general – to participate in this debate.

The CO(I)NCIDIR webinars will begin in September 2018, on the Colibri platform, FCCN.