Fernando Bayón

Fernando Bayón (Bilbao, 1971) holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Deusto.  Director of the Institute of Leisure Studies of the CCHHSS Faculty of UD. He is a researcher in the “Leisure and Human Development” team, officially recognised by the Basque Government with category A.  In addition to his teaching commitments in the PhD Programme “Leisure, Culture and Communication for Human Development” and in the Official Master in “Leisure Project Management”, he is a professor of “History of Philosophy in Modernity: Idealism and Dialectics” in the degree of “Philosophy, Politics and Economics” in the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. In his professional career, he has been a Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Council for Scientific Research-CSIC (Madrid) and has made mobility as a lecturer and visiting professor at the Universities of Cambridge (UK), Yale (USA), Princeton (USA), Tübingen (Germany), ETH-Zurich (Switzerland), Iberoamericana de México and TEC de Monterrey, among others.