Filomena Pestana

Training Manager and researcher integrated in LE@D, Distance Education and Elearning Laboratory of Universidade Aberta. Degree in Education (Social and Training Pedagogy), Master in Elearning Pedagogy and Master in Pedagogical Supervision. PhD in Distance Education and eLearning. He is a member of scientific committees and has participated in the organization of scientific events. She is a researcher at UID-FCT nº 4372, Laboratório de Educação a Distância e eLearning (LE@D), Universidade Aberta (Portugal), where she has participated in several elearning projects, namely as e-tutor and producer of resources and contents. She is also e-mentor of the Degree in Education, course of the Department of Education and Distance Education of Universidade Aberta (Portugal). She was co-responsible for the implementation of the Wikipedia Program in Education in Portugal, namely for the first curricular integration, at national level, within the framework of the Wikipedia Program at the University. In terms of research, he is also interested in open education, adult education, and ICT in educational contexts.